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Doris Hall

Professional teacher

Doris Hall's Bio:

Homework is given to students to help reinforce the skills that are taught in school. Quite often, the type of homework that is sent home are worksheets. Worksheet style homework may seem very traditional and part of the society's norm, however, this style of homework appears like "busywork" and reduces motivation for some students. There are many ways to reinforce the skills that are taught in school in a more creative and engaging method. Creating alternatives for the traditional homework can foster creativity when you write my paper, student engagement and motivation. The following alternatives can be implemented for students in grades kindergarten through middle school years.

Blogging homework assignments for reading and writing:
Start a blog for the classroom! Blogging focuses on the subjects of writing and reading. Blogging is an excellent way to promote creative writing and grammar skills. There are many ways to implement a blogging style homework into your classroom. Teachers can give students a topic or theme to focus on in their writing. The weekly spelling and vocabulary words can be incorporated into the blogging assignments. This is a wonderful way for students to collaborate and share their writing. Students can also read each other's blogs and offer comments on the blogs. The site called Kidblog is centered on blogging for the classroom. It is a safe environment for students to blog and share with their classmates.

Project-based homework assignments for Social Studies:
Project-based homework assignments promote self-directed learning and help develop problem solving skills. Students can select from a wide variety of interest based topics. For example, students can conduct research on Amelia Earhart. They can do a research component, then make a model of Amelia Earhart's plane and present it to the class. Allowing students to learn about topics in depth develops passion and creativity for social studies.

Experiment homework assignments for Science:
Assigning science experiments for homework is a great way to promote a love for science. There are many safe experiments students can do at home. Here are few ideas: floating and sinking objects, making soap bubbles, dancing raisins and layering liquids. Students can enjoy science experiments with their family while learning the science in the process.

Doris Hall's Interests & Activities:

Assigning homework that incorporates technology will help prepare our students for college and the work field. There are several ways to incorporate the use of technology into homework assignments. Allow students to practice their math skills through some fun and engaging websites like Coolmath4kids or Funbrain. Another option would be to assign students to work on the site Kodable. This site teaches kids the fundamentals on computer programming. Students are challenged to use their critical thinking and problem solving skills with this program.

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